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Jesse House

Patrick Murray

Jesse House, cofounder of Mialuna Life, began his career in audio engineering at Stevens Institute of Technology after years of cultivating the experience and skills necessary to excel in the field. He has a versatile background in live and recorded sound.  During his time at Stevens, and while recovering from cancer, Jesse shifted his focus to psychoacoustic phenomena when he personally realized their powerful and useful effects. Originally created to aid his recovery, Jesse developed a generative music algorithm using binaural beats that he would later research, test and prove to be effective in entraining the brain into a state of sleep – something that very many people around the world need medication to accomplish. In understanding the impact this technology and research could have on the medical community, Jesse began further developing his binaural beat program. Joining cofounder and trained hypnotherapist Patrick Murray, Jesse dedicated himself to perfecting the sound that would later become Mialuna Life.
Having further developed this new sound, Jesse and Patrick began shifting their focus to other uses of binaural beat technology. Jesse believes that used properly, and coupled with guided suggestions, binaural beating can be used as a tool for meditation and self-healing.

Patrick Murray, cofounder of Mialuna Life, is a Certified Hypnotist / Sports Mental Performance Coach through the American Board of Hypnotherapy, and graduate of the Paradox Agency for Hypnosis. He is also a member of the International Hypnosis Federation and the International Association Of Counselors & Therapists, as well as a Certified Behavior Change Specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.  A graduate of the National Personal Training Institute, Patrick is also a part-time Exercise Specialist at Robert Wood Johnson Fitness & Wellness Center Rahway, where he is a specialist in rehabilitation training in a Diabetes, Cancer, and Stage III Cardiac Rehabilitation Program. At the time the world economy went into deep recession, Patrick launched his business as a personal trainer and hypnotist, with the goal of making a positive impact on others. Through all his work Patrick aims to offer his clients different healing modalities. A mind/body approach. Within individual and group hypnosis sessions, Patrick utilizes sound healing, with instruments played live, instruments such as: tibetan singing bowls, crystal singing bowls, meditation flutes and drums. Mialuna Life is a more broad extension of Patrick's ultimate passion. 

Robert Schaefer

Robert Schaefer takes his unique approach for sound healing with Mialuna Life, taking a sensitive approach to creating sound consumed in frequency and high vibration. His intentions are to understand the sounds we are “bathing in” and relate them to frequency, colors, and in turn clean and clear our relative chakras. Robert feels that understanding and applying this information will help each of us to self-heal and heal each other, resulting in raised vibrations that allow growth.

Jason Weinstein

Jason has been performing on the upright bass for 10 years in New Jersey. His music style has been influenced by jazz, rock, western classical, experimental, funk, and continues to reach into new genres. Within the past few years of studying yoga, Jason has brought his love for music into the yoga community with a warm response. As a life-long student, connecting the philosophies of yoga and music serve to be one of the greatest practices of his journey so far.

Daniel Boisits

Dan Boisits was introduced to yoga in 1994; has been practicing healing arts since 2005, and has been musically inclined his whole life. Officially certified in Yoga in 2009. Trained in Structural Integration aka “Rolfing,” Source Point Therapy - which is an energy work modality - and massage since 2005. And, music has always been in his blood. All that Dan is, studies, and shares is his way of life. And so, studies are ongoing.

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